Labor Press published the following article regarding Senator Peralta’s bill regarding jet fuel.

LABOR PRESS: Albany, NY – Currently, New Jersey and New York are two of just three states across the country that exempt airlines from certain jet fuel excise tax, essentially handing over a significant windfall to the airlines—money that should go to upgrading airports for improved passenger service and experience.

New York State Senator Jose Peralta will be introducing legislation in New York to require airlines to pay their fair share of taxes. Legislation will require airlines to pay jet fuel taxes just as motorists do. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has major renovation projects planned for LaGuardia and Newark airports. Over $1 billion will be needed. Revenue raised as a result of these bills would also be available to New York and New Jersey for airport upkeep and upgrading.

New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak has also  introduced a bill to make airlines pay their fair share in jet fuel taxes.

These bills will add crucial revenue for airport upgrades by closing giveaway loopholes to airlines.