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Times Union: Senators press for long-stalled farmworkers labor rights bill

Article about Senator Peralta’s push to pass the Farmworkers’ bill that will give workers labor protections. The senator was quoted saying: “You have a Donald Trump who’s really castigating immigrants. Now is a time for us to step up and be that front line of protection.”

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Lucha contra la basura en NYC todavía es insuficiente: El Diario

El Diario published a story about the need for additional clean up services in several neighborhoods in Senator Peralta’s district.

El Diario: Entre tanto, el senador estatal José Peralta, quien a diario ve en su distrito las quejas de las que hablan los vecinos, admitió con preocupación que la ciudad se ha vuelto más sucia y le pidió al Concejo y a la administración De Blasio que busquen soluciones, pues el problema es real.

“Hace unas semanas me reuní con la Comisionada del Departamento de Sanidad, Kathryn García, y me dijo que es responsabilidad de los concejales invertir más dinero del presupuesto para tareas de limpieza”, agregó. “La suciedad que se acumula en las calles es bastante preocupante, y más de una vez he avisado sobre esta situación”.

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Elmhurst, Corona fall behind in new report: Queens Chronicle

The Queens Chronicle published an article about a report about households conditions. He was quoted in the article.

“When it comes to living paycheck to paycheck, living without internet access or living without health insurance, odds are there are more households experiencing those conditions in Elmhurst and Corona than anywhere else in Queens. State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) said in a Tuesday interview that constantly rising rent prices in his district — where high-end residential development has begun in recent years — leaves many people unable to save or spend much money. “Those numbers sound very accurate,” Peralta said. “You have families trying to make ends meet but rents are skyrocketing out of control. Back in the day, 15 or 20 percent of your income went to rent. But now, we’re seeing cases of working people paying 50, 60 or 70 percent of their income to rent.”

The ANHD’s report bares that out, as 62 percent of units in Elmhurst and Corona are considered rent burdened, tops in the city outside of the Bronx. “How can you save money when you’re living paycheck to paycheck?” Peralta asked. “Once you start struggling, you begin to live in a bubble of borrowing and that’s very dangerous.”

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Univisión: Indocumentados tendrán permisos para vender en las calles de la ciudad de Nueva York

Univisión had a story about the proposal for new street vendor legislation. Senator Jose Peralta was quoted in the piece, as he introduced a bill in Albany calling for the modernization of the industry and the creation of a commission to study it.

Read the article here (in Spanish).

Peralta, Hochul Tour Small Businesses On Roosevelt : Queens Gazette

Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul visited Senator Peralta’s district to tour small business. This is the article published by the Queens Gazette.

State Senator Jose Peralta and Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul toured several small businesses along Roosevelt Avenue to listen to the concerns and challenges the owners face in their daily operations. The tour ended with a roundtable discussion with several small business operators and community leaders at a Northern Boulevard establishment.

Senator Peralta and Lt. Governor Hochul, who chairs Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council Initiative, were joined by businesses leaders as they visited several establishments along commercial strips in Jackson Heights. The tour included stops at clothing stores, a restaurant, a pharmacy and a home decor business.

During the visit to the stores, and afterwards at the meeting with business and community leaders, Hochul offered help and information regarding the state’s economic development opportunities and programs.

“I am glad Lieutenant Governor Hochul joined us here today and visited some part of the District. She had an opportunity to tour the most diverse area in the state, and got an assorted taste of the most traditional stores located in our community,” said Peralta. “The Lieutenant Governor had the opportunity to speak to several business owners in an effort to learn, first-hand, what are the main preoccupations they are facing as the economy continues to improve.”

“Under Governor Cuomo, strategic investments through the Regional Economic Development Councils have reversed New York’s reputation for being anti-business,” said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. “As I travel across the state, I meet with business owners to get a better understanding of the challenges they face. I want to thank Senator Peralta for introducing me to some of the key stakeholders in the revitalization of Roosevelt Avenue. I look forward to continuing our work to bring jobs and prosperity to neighborhoods like Jackson Heights.”

This is the link to the story, and you can read about the visit also following this link to the Queens Tribune and the Queens Chronicle.

1,000 Attend Peralta Job Fair: Queens Gazette

The Queens Gazette published an article about the job fair the Senator held at Queens Center Mall.

Gazette: 1,000 Attend Peralta Job Fair

About 1,000 jobs-seekers turned out for the sixth annual job fair sponsored by state Senator Jose Peralta, along with Woodside on the Move and the Queens Center Mall. Companies present at the event interviewed at least 550 participants, and many more candidates made appointments for interviews in the near future.

Among the 50 companies that participated in the job fair were The Disney Store, Sephora, Coca-Cola Refreshments, Con Edison, Dish Network, Swarovski, Game Stop, Plaza College, Yankee Candle, LaGuardia Community College, and Victoria’s Secret.

“Even though the unemployment rate continues to decline and the economy continues to improve, a lot of families have a very difficult time making ends meet,” said Peralta, who first organized the job fair as a response to the recession that hit the United States in 2008. “From past experience with our job fairs, many of the job hunters who were interviewed or scheduled follow up interviews with employers will receive a job offer.”

This is the link to the entire piece.

LaGuardia Airport Hotel to be reborn: Queens Chronicle

The Queens Chronicle wrote about the construction of new hotels in the district of Senator Jose Peralta. The Senator was quoted in the piece.

Chronicle: According to state Sen. Jose Peralta (D- East Elmhurst) the renovations are being welcomed by the neighborhood.

“It’s a win-win for the community,” Peralta said in a Tuesday interview.

He said that the new renovations will not only give travelers a quality spot to spend a night to a few days, but also will help boost the local economy.

He added that the project could provide new jobs within the community.

“They’re gonna try to hire locally,” Peralta said. “I like the word ‘try,’ but I prefer the words ‘we will.’”

This is the link to the article.

LaGuardia Airport reconstruction project underway: TimesLedger

Sen. Peralta was quoted in an article regarding the modernization of LaGuardia Airport.

Please, follow the link to read the article.

Airlines Need To Pay Taxes To Airports: Labor Press

Labor Press published the following article regarding Senator Peralta’s bill regarding jet fuel.

LABOR PRESS: Albany, NY – Currently, New Jersey and New York are two of just three states across the country that exempt airlines from certain jet fuel excise tax, essentially handing over a significant windfall to the airlines—money that should go to upgrading airports for improved passenger service and experience.

New York State Senator Jose Peralta will be introducing legislation in New York to require airlines to pay their fair share of taxes. Legislation will require airlines to pay jet fuel taxes just as motorists do. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has major renovation projects planned for LaGuardia and Newark airports. Over $1 billion will be needed. Revenue raised as a result of these bills would also be available to New York and New Jersey for airport upkeep and upgrading.

New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak has also  introduced a bill to make airlines pay their fair share in jet fuel taxes.

These bills will add crucial revenue for airport upgrades by closing giveaway loopholes to airlines.

State Senate passes Sen. Peralta’s bill to provide portion of Hotel Occupancy Tax to City boroughs to promote local tourism

The New York State Senate passed unanimously today Senator Jose Peralta’s bill that would provide each of New York City’s individual boroughs with additional funding to promote local tourism. The bill (S.2238) would divert 4% of Hotel Occupancy Tax revenue collected within each Borough, up to an annual maximum of $300,000, back to each Borough for the purposes of further tourism development.

The funding would allow each individual borough to promote their own tourism attractions, from famous sites like Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens and The Bronx Zoo, as well as their particular hidden gems. The new revenue can also be destined to promote local for-profit venues, such as coffee shops and restaurants.

Last year, New York City received a record-breaking 59.7 million visitors, which represents a 2.4% increase from the 58.3 million tourists that visited the City in 2014. “This bill will clearly foster the growth and expansion of the City’s tourism industry, a key economic engine. If the proposal becomes law, each borough will be able to further promote their particular destinations as they see fit,” said Senator Peralta.

In each borough, the new revenue stream will flow directly to a tourism council or similar non-profit development organization designated by the borough president, to then be approved by the Economic Development Corporation for the promotion of local attractions and restaurants.

“Capturing this portion of the hotel occupancy tax will allow us to keep our tourism boom in a sustainable fashion,” Senator Peralta said. “When domestic and international visitors think about New York, the Empire State and Central Park come to mind. However, it is vital that places like Jackson Heights, Astoria and Flushing Meadows Corona Park are also on the radar of tourists. All our boroughs are worth visiting, each for its own rich and unique characteristics.”

Assemblymember Luis Sepúlveda (D-Bronx) is the sponsor of the bill in the Assembly (A.6960).

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